Shamrock Plants

shamrock-plantsSt. Patrick’s Day is near and shamrocks are the popular plant for March.  They are an interesting plant with many varieties available and Magic City Floral stocks three of the varieties.  They all have pin wheel shaped leaves and small white or lavender blooms.  One of our varieties has large purple leaves and another has large dark green with silver tinge to the leaves.  One of the more popular varieties we have is the small leafed variegated.  The foliage on this plant is thicker and fuller and the leaves are more yellowish green.

All these shamrocks are in the oxalis family.  After blooming, the plant normally goes into a dormant stage.  The leaves turn yellow and it appears the plant is dying — it is not!  Decrease watering and place in a cool dry place until it starts growing again.  Then place in a brighter area and resume watering and fertilizing.  These are fun plants to enjoy and add more “green” to your home.